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What happens when I submit a form through Report + Support?
Your report comes through to the Student Wellbeing Service which includes specialist support advisors.
What happens if I opted to speak to an advisor?
Completing this form in Report + Support does not immediately raise this with the Student Procedures Office, if appropriate we will be able to guide you through this process later.
A member of the Student Wellbeing Service will be in touch with you within 5 working days to arrange a meeting to discuss your report.
The focus is to offer you support and to provide you with everything you need to know to make your informed decision if you want to pursue a formal report internally or externally. 
Your wellbeing is our top priority and disclosures are confidential, confidentially will only be broken when there is an immediate risk of harm to you or others. It is important to know, that if you provide details of other CCCU staff or students, it may be that further action needs to be taken. 

 Possible reporting options
A member of Student Wellbeing Services staff will be there to support you and provide information on any reporting process you would like to pursue. 
A formal report will not be made without your consent unless there is an immediate risk of harm to you or others. 
Supporting you to report to the Police.
Support to make a formal report to the university, considered under the Student Disciplinary Procedure. 
Support that is   available to you
Unbiased and non-judgemental personal wellbeing and emotional support through the Student Wellbeing Services. 
Support within your faculty which could include teaching and learning adjustments
Referral or signposting to specialist  external agencies 
What happens if I made an anonymous report?
The information provided is primarily used to inform the university's resources, support provision and improve training and processes for students and staff. 
We will not have your contact details or be able to reach out to you from an anonymous report.
No further immediate action is taken
When we might act on an anonymous report
Anonymous information provided will be regularly reviewed. Should an area of repeated concern be identified we may then intervene.

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