Harassment can make you feel intimidated or nervous going out or being in places where this person/group may show up. You may have asked the perpetrator/s to stop and found they have continued in their behaviour, online or in-person. If you feel you are being harassed or sexually harassed there is support that we can put in place with you.

Sexual harassment is never okay. Sexual harassment is unwanted and unwelcome words, conduct or behaviour of a sexual nature that has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, embarrassing, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for the recipient.  

If you would like to provide information we can follow up on, we can get in touch and discuss support options available to you. You will always decide what happens next, we are here to listen and support you to make an informed decision and plan. 

At the university this could include: 
  • Access to friendly, informal advice and wellbeing support
  • Mental health and wellbeing support
  • Supporting you to access your course and protect your education
  • Supporting you in conversations with your accommodation provider to make sure you feel safe where you live
  • Supporting you to make a police report or an internal formal misconduct report if you would like to, the Student Procedures team can guide you through this process, if your report can be taken further.
  • Work with you to put in place a mutual no-contact agreement.

Spectrum.Life offers immediate online, text and telephone support from qualified professionals. You can talk to them about anything, including stress, anxiety, low mood, financial worries, loss and grief, relationship difficulties, substance abuse issues and much more. They will work with you in getting initial help and liaise with the Mental Wellbeing Team for ongoing support.
Telephone: 0800 0318227
WhatsApp: Text “Hi” to 0741836 0780

  • Are you in immediate danger? If you are in immediate danger or seriously injured, you can call 999.
  • Finding a safe space. If possible try and find somewhere you feel safe. If this isn't possible and you are on campus you can call Security on 01227 922355.  
  • Safe Zone. You can also use the Safe Zone app to immediately contact security if you are on campus. 


There are two ways you can tell us what happened